Realization of Autonomy and Decentralization in Moon Jae-in Administration

Vision and Objective

비전과 전략(다음 내용 참조) 비전과 전략(다음 내용 참조)
  1. Vision
    Achieve autonomy and decentralization, which will change our lives
  2. Objective
    Realize powerful decentralization, approaching a federal system
  3. Core tasks and plans
    1. Finalize and announce the Master Plan for autonomy and decentralization
    2. Realize financial decentralization by operating “Pan-governmental Task Force (TF) for Financial Decentralization”
    3. Push ahead with comprehensive transfer of administrative power from the central government to local governments
    4. Promote the enactment of the Act on the blanket devolution of centralized administrative powers to local governments.
    5. Have the central and local government servants be aware of and spread autonomy and decentralization
    6. Support local governments to reinforce their capacity and response ability for autonomy and decentralization
    7. Legalize autonomous police systems and begin test operation
    8. Strengthen communication to spread the issue of autonomy and decentralization
    9. Support amendments to the constitution to promote decentralization
    10. Hold international conferences with the theme of autonomy and decentralization